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Dr. Gabriele Scharrer-Liška

Within VIAS interdisciplinary basic research with an archaeological focus are conducted. The aim is to increase knowledge and understanding in the field of historical-archaeological sciences. Knowledge has value - even if it can not be utilized immediately. This is the quality of basic research.

Interdisciplinary research in the archaeological process requires continuous discussion between the involved disciplines for developing corporate project results rather than just stringing together individual results.

Within VIAS interdisciplinary research projects with an archaeological focus are performed. These projects comprise the complete archaeological process starting with archaeological prospection followed by archaeological excavation and documentation, analyses of finds and features, material studies and archaeological interpretation by appropriate methods. Within this workflow it is also tried to open up new sources of data.

The aim is to combine results of the archaeological process with the result of a historical-archaeological view of landscape archaeological, economic-historical and social-historical issues.

Archaeology of buildings

Archaeology of buildings has a long tradition and overlaps with many other (historically-archaeologically oriented) disciplines. Archaeology of buildings examines historic buildings by an archaeological approach. The aim is to reconstruct sequences of construction and thus the history of a building as well as its function(s) at different levels.

Archaeology of buildings applies predominantly non-destructive methods. This includes above all the documentation and recording/surveying of buildings using appropriate methods.

Individual results of archaeology of buildings will be combined to result into a historical-archaeological view of economic-historical and social-historical issues.




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